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英橋教育:頂尖中立Imperial & King's College的英國醫生會計師"UCAS"申請、大學教育顧問團隊



專業中立,我們頂尖Imperial & King's英國醫生會計師UCAS顧問團隊,助你成功進入世界著名英國Top30位大學學科: 一般學士學位3年制(美國4年),每年名校總學費生活費用約$25萬起

Who are we?


Tower Bridge specialises in "Russell Group Success Quality" PERSONAL STATEMENT "EZ 2-Step" Expert Help, and in placing students into Renowned Top Quality UK universities

Not An Education "Agent"

We are proud to be truly independent and impartial, and are not tied to any individual university. We research all the "Best Tailor-Fit" courses and options in order to give you clear impartial information. We want to help you decide which course and institution is best for you and your future. 

There are more than 200 universities in the UK including many world leading universities and specialist educational institutions. This gives you a vast range of high quality courses to choose from. 

We understand that studying abroad is a huge investment of time and money. We are committed to helping you through this process so that your time abroad is successful!


How much true savings will a Top UK university education give you?


In the UK, you can receive a World Ranking University Degree Award in three years rather than four. Additionally, you can benefit from a capped fee system which allows you to save a half or more of the fees you would pay for comparable courses in US ranking and Ivy League universities. This represents a total saving of HK$500,000 - HK$1,000,000.


What do we offer?

"EZ 2-STEP" Personal Statement Expert HELP

OUR Imperial College, King’s College, MBBS, MA/MBA & BSc (1st Hons) Graduate Advisors Team Have Honed & Perfected Our Expert Tools to Clearly Guide You & Add Value to Your Important Life Study:

(Access Key Pack 1) "EZ 2-STEP" Russell Group Success Quality PERSONAL STATEMENT Complete Tool. 

(Access Key Pack 2) "STRENGTHEN" SCHOOL REFERENCE UCAS Letter Upgrading & Boosting Expert Help is our Specialty Optional Extra we've honed for your success.

(Study Value Pack 3) “CLARITY” Best-Fit STUDY SUBJECT Matching Method

(Study Value Pack 4) “IN-DEPTH" Tailored University Course CHOICES SCRUTINY & PRIORITISING Analysis. 

"CLARITY" Best-Fit Direction & Tailored Choices

- We conduct research based on which we offer guidance on the educational institutions and courses which best match your needs. After your interview with us, our team of consultants will produce an individualised written assessment which will give you details of your options.

- We arrange coaching sessions between UK-based Chinese mentors and prospective students. This will give you first hand insight into living and studying abroad.

- We guide you on processes and requirements for admission. We manage applications on your behalf as a Registered UCAS Application Centre.

Why us? Top Quality Aspired Students' & Parents' Logical Q&As

Q1. How much of Parents' investment & Student's hard study time are being committed here?


Typical UK Degrees take 3 Years 

to Study and Complete

UK Degrees are mostly one year shorter than the US 4 Years Credit based university system. The Yearly Tuition Fees are discussed & compared in Q2.

To Aim High or Not To Aim High?

We are eager to commit to our 3 ~ 4 Years $1 million+ Investment on quality education overseas universities offer, but may have yet to thought this through: 

- Upon our Child has indeed graduated, what life long career value and personal satisfaction of his/her university degree award and the related kind of social networks he or she would have got for a long time to come?

Q2. Which country (& how best) can we maximise our precious time & investment's life long returns?


Almost the entire 200+ UK Universities including all the Top Universities are UK Government Schools and so their Annual Tuition Fees are strictly set by the Parliament (eg a "maximum limit" tuition fees of £9k a year for all local students). 

As a result even for Full Fees around twice the local fees for International Students, all of the universities in fact cost similarly inexpensive tuition fees including all of its top world ranking universities --  often costing only less than 1/3 to 1/2 of the usual fees of comparable US ranking and Ivy League universities, representing a True Saving of $0.5million ~ $1million for a comparable World Ranking University Degree Award.

Q3. Does "Free of Charge Agent" help maximise our Child's life long career value & Parents' Return?


Why are these "Mass Volume" Agencies totally or almost free of charge? 

ie. Are they really giving Parents true money saving, or in fact lowering our Child's life long career earning potentials, instead of optimising Parents' multi-year $1million ~ $2million Investment Returns?

Who are actually paying these free of charge Agents money?

ie. Will they really pick your "best/highest match" universities and programme, and then invest time to learn and shape up your individual UCAS Application quality to help you get into your highest match university, instead of easily brokering you into almost the same group of "Recruiting/Paying Universities" they work with for highly certain & quick fees?

Q4) Is it worth investing say 5% more to gain a Top#30 University Degree (instead of Below#100~200)?


[Instead of eg. going for a largest name agent's advertised $2k Full Advice & Service Package?]

Our 2018 UCAS Application Case Results

(Top#23 Vs Below #100) 

For Aspired Students & Parents, this is an intriguing and rewarding question to look into when we have successfully coached and helped our student applicant admitted into a "World Ranking Top 23" University Degree Program [Source: QS World University Ranking 2018].

Concurrently, his better/similar exam results classmate has also "successfully" got into his "given Top Choice" of a Rank No.101 university, courteously giving it a pass to our offer to help have a quick look at the given University Option Choices his mass volume Full Advice Service Package Agent had "Selected & Recommended" strongly for him.

Our Top Notch UK Advisor Partners in HK are Happy to Connect with our Aim High Students & Parents!


We take personal pride and sense of achievement for sharing with prospective Students & Parents our 10+ uniquely learned & time tested UCAS application success insights -- through 10 Years of repeatedly working in person with several UK Top Grammar Schools UCAS Application Specialists & Sixth Forms Heads) 

-- We are also uniquely supported in the UK by an unparalleled & proven Top of The Spears Independent Consultative Advisor Team 

[See our below "英國UCAS聯招局授予註冊申請中心+頂尖英國諮詢顧問團隊]". 

-- Our Passionate Team welcome Aspired Students and Parents for an initial Study Interests/ Career Aspirations/ Academic Results Review & Coaching.

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我們頂尖的英國醫生會計師諮詢顧問團隊,精鍊、專業的英國"UCAS"聯招局授予註冊申請中心 <<免費初步諮詢指導>>

英國UCAS聯招局授予註冊申請中心+ 頂尖英國諮詢顧問團隊


為你強化申請陳述、建立頂尖級大學人際網絡  、把握勝利人生機緣:-

Our UCAS Advisory Independent Consultative Team in UK:

~ Doctor Jason Chan, MBBS I BSc (King's College London Medical School & Barts & The London Medical School).

~ Mr Sydney Chan, MBBS Y6 I BSc Medicine (Imperial College London Medical School).

~ Mr Daniel Chan, UK UCAS 

Registered Centre Advisory Partner I UK British Council Global HQ Management Background I UK Royal Chartered ACCA I MBA  (1st Class Hons) & BScBA (1st Class Hons).

Mr Peter Jackson, MA & BA (London), Published Amazon Book Author, British Council Global HQ Management Advisor.

我們首要使命是為你成功選讀世界頂級 Top Ranking Universities 的『一對一』共享成果


我們目標使命 (Mission) 是助你絕對提升進入英國最頂尖排名大學,不會因為收取大學推介『回佣』而向你推介容易進入 但質素排名低下的大學學院及學科. 

主理合夥人全程半年(以上)親自為你一對一貼身跟進,直接與英國有關部門及院校聯繫 --


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~ 英國UCAS聯招局註冊申請中心諮詢顧問合夥人

~ 英國文化協會英國總部管理層

~ 英國羅兵咸永道會計師事務所顧問諮詢管理層

~ 全球 BIG-4 Qualified 英國皇家特許會計師 (UK Royal Chartered Accountant)

 ~ 美國一級榮譽學位 MBA (GPA 4.0)

~  美國一級榮譽學位 BScBA (GPA 4.0)

About Us

Our Successful, Time-Tested & Passionate Tower Bridge Education Team

Our Proven Wealth of Top Ranking Universities UCAS Application Success Achievements


World Ranking Top#8 & Renowned Russell Group Universities

Imperial College London (MBBS & BSc Cardiovascular Science, Medical School)

King’s College London (Medicine & Technology BSc, Medical School, BBA Business School)

Royal London Hospital (MBBS) I Queen Mary I Barts & The London Medical School

Manchester University (25 Nobel Prizes)

Birmingham University (MBBS, Medical School)

Warwick University (UK Top#1 Subject Degree)

CASS Business School (MSc London)

Hong Kong University (MBA Program - FT)

And Many More

Our Strong Founders I Principal Partners Global Education & Management Background

Global UK & HK Education Advisory and Senior Management Expertise


British Council UK (Global HQ, London)

PwC UK (Global Big-4 HQ, London, Advisory) 

WBros UK (London HQ, EU / APAC / EMEA) 

MTR / KCRC (Hong Kong HQ) 

DBS (International Banking)

Tower Bridge Education - UK Top Notch Education Blog

Our Team Success: Imperial College Medical School Graduation

GREAT SUCCESS of our UK Team UCAS Application & Medical Study of our Sydney Chan - Well done!

~ UK South Kensington London Landmark: Imperial College Campus Royal Albert Hall

~ Imperial College London Faculty of Medicine Commemoration Day 2017:-

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